Pericles assignment

November 16, 2011

Have you lost the final page of your syllabus? Here is the Directing Pericles Assignment (30%, due 15 December)

 The foundation for this assignment is the critical thinking skills addressed during the week of 22 November (mission and vision statement, SWOT analysis, DRIP analysis) and the approaches to directing Shakespeare that we discussed in the week of 29 November (Original Practices at Shakespeare’s Globe, al fresco by New York’s Public Theatre in Central Park, in the round by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Roundhouse, immersive theatre by Punchdrunk, experimental theatre by The Wooster Group, virtually on Second Life).

 To begin, choose one of the directing approaches that we discussed in class, or, with my permission, imagine another. Shakespeare already exists as a mashup with Dr Seuss, with Star Trek, as claymation, and probably as anything else you can invent, so check You Tube and Google before you commit to any idea – originality counts.

 The point is to be able to describe the elements of a production IN WORDS. For that reason, please do not include images, fabric swatches, etc – I recognize that these can be worth a thousand words, but for this assignment the words are what count.

 Your completed assignment should include the following:

 Part one: mission and vision statement (1000 words)

 What will I do?

Describe the overall look and feel of the production, with some discussion of costume and set design; casting of major roles, with justification; theatre configuration and audience placement. (500 words)

 For whom?

 What kind of audience are you expecting to attract? How does the size of the venue you have chosen relate to the size of the audience you are expecting? (250 words)

 How will I do it better than anyone else could, or ever has?

What insights or abilities do you possess that will make this an outstanding production? (250 words)

 Part two: SWOT analysis (250-500 words)

Strengths of your approach (at least five)

Weaknesses of your approach (at least five)

Opportunities your approach offers to create excellence (at least five)

Threats that might prevent you from reaching excellence (at least five)

 DRIP analysis (1000 words)

Dream– what is the ideal production of Pericles?

Realize – what is the gap between the ideal and what you can actually create, and why?

Imagine – what specific actions must be taken to close the gap?

Plan – what resources are required in order to make the ideal real, and how can you get them?